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Whereas standard philosophies proposed new questions and views about our lives and the different aspects to them, they never truly answered any of the important questions of life. This is because past philosophers never had the rich scientific foundation of knowledge that we currently have to build their philosophies upon.          
We are also beginning to see science expand the reach of its work to address elements of our existence that science never accepted before.  
Reports that atomic physicists took the conclusions of their findings to the metaphysical level. Previously an abstract would be attached at the end of the report in which the researchers would extrapolate the results of their work beyond its immediate implications. They would speculate as to how their research would lead to or tie into other related research current or proposed projects and what new areas of research may be directed. The abstract would never venture far from the topic or outside of accepted science. But these researchers sought to transcend the bounds of traditional science and comptemplate the realm which attends the physics. In doing so they lead the way for other scientists to do the same and open or reaffirm other philosophical aspects we wish to address. This will propel the philosophical discipline to a greater and more important place in all aspects of our world.
A more recent example from experiments at the FERMI LAB ACCELERATOR into the existence of the Higg’s Boson which lead theoretical physicist Joseph Lykken to expound on the extent of how the laws of nature and existence are so fine-tuned as to possibly support the proponent’s argument for “Intelligent Design”. Such highly regulated laws of existence could be evidence of the handiwork of a creator.1
Hopefully this will also be the beginning of a new wave of transformation for mankind. One where we attain a higher, a greater understanding of ourselves. This will be a more conscious, more deliberate method of living our lives. It will be a new realm of plateau of human existence where we can progress mankind. Nietzsche alluded to this next plateau when describing the UBERMENCH, the first to cross over to this new realm. Human life is a process, one that constantly evolves. To be able to be aware of this and gain more  control over ourselves and how we live. To overcome our base, emotional, non-conscious selves and become more human than we are now.

This class – Scientific Rationalism – is the beginning of a new realm of philosophy. It is no longer about asking questions and producing interesting postulations or suppositions, it is about using our knowledge to produce answers; real, concrete answers to the bigger questions of our lives, supported by science and technology to verify their truth and use these answers to construct a reality that permits us to advance mankind. This class is dedicated to the advancement of mankind to that next plateau of our evolution. Attend the lectures and join in the discussions.                     

 Ken Zenka
1.   Chicago Tribune article "Matter wins over antimatter" by Ron Grossman.  Sec. 1  pgs. 4 - 5.  Sunday, May 30, 2007

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